The project manager has authority and control over the technical and ad-ministrative management staff involved in the project and provides regular progress reports to the Steering Committee and consults the Steering Committee in all matters that have fundamental negative influence on the projects objectives and economy.

Region Midtjyllands NorthPestClean project team consist of the following staff:
  • Morten Bondgaard (ph.d., Biology/Chemistry) - project manager, experimental design, risk assessment
  • Børge Hvidberg (Master of Science in Engineering) - tendering, construction design, consulting
  • Kaspar Rüegg (Master of Science in Engineering) - monitoring, risk assessment
  • Anja Melvej Hermansen (Master of Science in Engineering) - tendering, health & safety, scientific staff
  • Thomas Damgaard (Master of Science in Engineering) - communication, acconting
  • Lars Ernst (Master of Science, Geology) - hydorlogy, geolocial modelling, technical charts, risk assessment
  • Hans Fredborg (Master of Science, Geology, Manager of the Department of Soil and Natural Resources, Region Midtjylland)